Frequently Asked Questions

Q?Do I need a booking?

Due to an ever increasing demand for larger, more time consuming pieces which also require more preparation, we have phased out our old ‘first come first served’ system in favour of a combined system of advance bookings whilst still keeping some times available each day for ‘walk-ins’. These ‘same day’ slots will still be available on a first come first served basis, though they may not always be the early morning slots. So if you decide you’d like to be tattooed that day you can either pop in as early as possible or phone ahead to see if we have any vacancies left. Naturally, if we can’t fit you in on the same day, you can reserve the next available fixed appointment time with your preferred artist, all advance bookings must be made in person at the studio as we require a £50 - £100 cash deposit which of course is deducted from the price of your tattoo, on completion.

Q?Can I bring my own design?

Of course! Although we have thousands of great designs available, we welcome your individual requests. Simply bring us your design for an obligation free quote. If your design is simple or needs no alteration, it can often be done on the same day. Larger designs, or those requiring extensive alterations may take some time to prepare.

Q?What if it’s just an idea?

Our team can draft your idea into the perfect tattoo, although even the roughest sketch from you is a good start. We require a cash deposit before we can start drafting, which is refundable if you have the tattoo applied.

Please be aware that NO artwork is released from the studio under any circumstance, and that your drafting deposit is non-refundable if you decide not to have the tattoo applied.

Q?How much will my tattoo cost?

All artwork on the walls is clearly priced. If you have your own design or idea, simply pop into the studio for a quote. If you have your design ready to go, we can usually give you a fixed price on the spot. For any custom artwork which needs to be drafted, a quote will be available when the artwork is produced.

Q?How safe is it?

When you choose a professional studio like Chameleon Tattoo. You can rest assured that every precaution is taken to ensure your safety. Please visit the Hygiene section of this website for more information.

Q?How much will it hurt?

Tattooing is achieved by placing a small amount of pigment under the top layers of skin which is injected by small, electrically powered pins. Naturally, it causes some discomfort.

The amount of pain experienced varies with design placement, and your own level of tolerance. The vast majority of ‘first-timers’ find tattooing much less painful than expected. Whilst tattooing has it’s own unique sensation, many people compare it to waxing or a cat scratch.

Q?Will an anaesthetic be used?

We do not use anaesthetics for tattooing or piercing, for several reasons. In the case of piercing, the only safe and effective form of anaesthetic is a topical cream called EMLA.

This is placed on the skin at the intended piercing site and covered with a dressing which is left for 60 mins. It is absorbed by the top layers of skin temporarily deadening the nerves.

Whilst this is an effective way of reducing your discomfort during a piercing, EMLA and similar products are PHARMACY ONLY medicines. This means we are not licensed to sell or use these products in our service.

We SPECIFICALLY recommend that you DO NOT use these products for tattooing, for several reasons.

Firstly, the effectiveness of the product begins to drop as soon as it is cleaned from the skin’s surface. This is fine for an injection, but by the time skin is prepared for tattooing and the stencil applied, the anaesthetic is rendered ineffective. The other, MORE SERIOUS reason NOT to use a topical anaesthetic is that they are intended for single injection sites (ie catheter placement) during which an insignificant amount of the product enters the blood stream.

Tattooing makes multiple punctures in the skin introducing far more of the substance into the blood stream. This presents a risk of toxicity. Please DO NOT use topical anaesthetic creams before you are tattooed.

Q?How old do I have to be?

Under UK law, you MUST be at least 18 years of age to be tattooed, REGARDLESS of parental consent. At Chameleon Tattoo we DO NOT make any exceptions under any circumstance.

Q?How do I look after my new tattoo?

Your new tattoo will be applied to the highest standards of hygiene. It will take approximately two weeks to completely heal, in which time it requires some simple but important care on your part. At Chameleon Tattoo, we provide all clients with full written instructions on after care, as well as a verbal explanation of what is required. We also sell, at cost price, the finest aftercare products to ensure you get the best result possible to wear with pride for many years to come.

Q?Are there any designs I CAN’T have?

In the interests of social harmony, we DO Not apply designs of an offensive nature at Chameleon Tattoo. These include profanities, obscene images, or designs of a racist or sectarian nature. We respect the right of the individual to have such designs applied elsewhere.

Q?Can any part of the body be tattooed?

It is our policy NOT to perform tattooing on the face or genitals under any circumstances. This is based on a long history of seeing people who regret existing tattoos in these areas. Whilst we agree it is the right of the individual to be tattooed in these areas, we reserve our own right not to provide the service. In other words, please don’t ask us to make exceptions, we welcome you to find a studio that will oblige you.

There are also some other areas of the body where the skin is very poorly suited to tattooing and a good result cannot be guaranteed. These include ears, toes, fingers, and the sides of the hands and feet. At Chameleon Tattoo, we like every client to be given a tattoo that will stay looking great for the longhaul, so we DO NOT apply tattoos to these areas. The top of the foot and hand, however, are fine. It’s a compromise of just an inch or so and it guarantees your long term satisfaction with the result.

If you have any questions which are not answered by this site, or you require any further information, please do not hesitate to call our friendly team on (0141) 889 8866.